Denizen Works

Denizen Works was founded by Murray Kerr in 2011 to explore projects of diverse scales and typologies. As a denizen is, among other things, a plant naturalised on foreign soil, we aim to make architecture that is rooted in an understanding of place.

Their projects, though scattered across the UK and beyond, are all joined in an approach which taps into local history, landscape, microclimate and community. Collective output is fundamental to our working practice, and it is only with in-depth client briefing and collaboration that we begin developing our ideas.

1A Goldsmiths Row
London E2 8QA
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Deploi is collaborating with Denizen Works in a pilot project that integrates Deplois capabilities fully into the production team to realise the full benefits of a BIM workflow to maximise the potential for an increase in productivity. The aim is to increase efficiency in drawing production by between a third and half. The time savings envisaged will be ploughed back into the project to increase the quality and value that is delivered to the client.

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