Cullinan Studio

For over five decades Cullinan Studio has gained an international reputation for designing successful and sustainable buildings and places.

Cullinan Studio work on many different kinds of buildings and in widely different contexts: cultural; education; housing; health; commercial; masterplanning; and urban regeneration.

Cullinan Studio have a rapidly maturing BIM capability which is complemented by their ground breaking exploits into the world of Virtual Reality with extensive research into its application in the construction industry and are currently applying it to real world problems on a number of projects.

Deploi was engaged by Cullinan Studio to provide advice to bolster their nascent BIM adoption programme. We achieved this by deploying a number of our services including the development of a customised Revit Template and guide at the outset, providing basic and advanced training and long term hands on project support.
Deploi was also commissioned for an extended period of Strategic Consultancy that resulted in the development of a tailored BIM Execution Plan and a comprehensive BIM Production Protocol and Manual.

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