Studio Leaders BIM Workshop


Successful leadership of a BIM team presents a range of new challenges for Senior staff. This workshop provides the knowledge and tools to succeed.

The workshop introduces and explains the theory underpinning BIM today along with tactics and techniques to promote efficiency and quality control.
Experience shows the most challenging component of delivering successful BIM projects is the leadership role that falls to the Senior Architect or Engineer that is running the team.

As the digital skills base amongst junior staff grows ever more confident the gulf between their knowledge and that of those tasked with leading them grows further. In fact the knowledge and skills required of the team leader are quite different. The Deploi Studio Leaders workshop seeks to address this by providing practical instruction on the theory and practice of running a successful BIM team.

Extremely valuable presentation and discussion. It was important to have a wide group of project directors and project architects there. I found it particularly useful for planning the way forward on appointments and fees.

Joseph Frame

This workshop is ideal for Project Architects and Engineers, Studio or Departmental Heads, Partners, Directors and Associates.

The workshop runs for two days however an edited version can be configured for a single day upon request.

Topics include:
Components of Level 2 BIM Explained
Obligations and Opportunities
The BEP and the 1192 Suite in focus
CIC Protocol in focus
Role of the Information Manager in focus
Team tasking and resourcing
Implications for Fees and Contracts

This service forms part of Deploi's Architects' range of Skills services.

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