Strategic Consulting


Emerging digital working practices represent disruptive technologies that promise to change the nature of construction related businesses in unpredictable ways.

The responsibility to face the changing business environment falls to Partners and Directors and the ramifications of these changes cannot be understated. BIM affects almost every aspect of the business and in order to navigate successfully while avoiding pitfalls and capitalising on emerging opportunities takes, vision, experience and leadership.

The Strategic elements within the Deploi range of services are geared specifically to support the organisations senior leadership team, equipping them with the knowledge and tools required to rise to the challenge. Strategic BIM Consulting is a unique response to the individual needs of each different organisation. Specific items have included:

While conducting Strategic BIM consultation a specialist will advise upon and develop assets and protocols as determined. All of the following are valuable assets or processes that will deliver speed, efficiency, consistency and quality:

  • BIM Adoption Programming
  • BIM Protocols
  • BIM Execution Plan
  • BIM Tools Review
  • Office or Project BIM Status Audit
  • Skills audit and recruiting advice

This service forms part of Deploi's Architects' range of Strategy services.

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