Office Revit Template Guide


A how-to guide for using Deploi's Template File. The template guide ensures team members understand and capitalise on the benefits of the full range of attributes embedded in the template file.

The office Revit template file is one of the most powerful tools an office can deploy in the context of BIM project work.

The template can effectively imbue each new project with the benefits of successful developments made during preceding projects. The template acts as a catapult at project start up providing the team with the best possible launch while removing the need to repeat much of the menial set up work.

The template is the best means to instill graphical and documentation standards ensuring a high degree of consistency across the breadth of an office’s output.

The template contributes to the offices ability to comply with emerging industry standards such as BS1192-2007 & PAS1192-2013 amongst others, as well as facilitating adherence to Quality Assurance standards.

This document is both a “how to” as well as a reference guide. Included are a set of exercises designed to familiarise the new user with all aspects of the file highlighting all the built-in benefits. The guide also works well as a desktop reference at project start up as it is structured in a sensible sequence for organising the early tasks required to kick off a project successfully.

The template is a work in progress with updates planned twice a year. The incorporation of “field use” comments is vital for the successful continued development of the resource. Users should make no hesitation in passing on comments and queries to the company BIM committee for incorporation in a subsequent release.

This service forms part of Deploi's Architects' range of Documentation services.

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