Office Revit Template Asset


Deploi has stripped down and built up the standard template with assets informed by numerous teams, projects and organisations.

The office Revit template forms the most significant investment for achieving efficiency, productivity, consistency and quality used in a BIM adoption process.

The tailored revit project template is one of the most powerful tools an office can deploy in the context of BIM project work. The template can effectively imbue each new project with the benefits of successful developments made during preceding projects. The template acts as a catapult at project startup providing the team with the best possible launch while removing the need to repeat much of the menial set up work.

The template is the best means to instill graphical and documentation standards ensuring a high degree of consistency across the breadth of an office’s output.

The template contributes to the offices ability to comply with emerging industry standards such as BS1192- pt2-2007, is aligned to the RIBA Plan of Work 2013 and helps to facillitate adherence to Quality Assurance standards. Some of our most recent developments include COBie readiness for the HM Govt. 2016 Level 2 requirements and a sophisticated attitude to managing risks smarter in the context of the CDM regulations.

This service forms part of Deploi's Architects' range of Digital Assets services.

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