Office BIM Audit


If BIM adoption isn't yet delivering higher quality projects with fewer resources or in a shorter timeframe (or both) an audit may determine why.

Deploi provides an Office BIM Audit service that is designed to appraise all aspects of an organisations ability to deliver BIM as well as determine whether opportunities for enhancing the practical delivery of services have been seized.

There are two types of Audit which can be commissioned as a bundle or separately as appropriate.

  • Level 2 BIM Readiness
  • Procedures & Productivity

The Level 2 BIM Readiness Audit scrutinises the office protocols, procedures and experience to determine the ability of the office to deliver Level 2 (UK) BIM compliant project work.

The P&P audit is conceived to review practical work from a productivity and quality standpoint with a view to embracing opportunities for enhanced value generation increasing productivity while maintaining or improving quality as well as identifying any risks associated with existing proposed means and methods.

This service forms part of Deploi's Architects' range of Strategy services.

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